Tourniquet Holder

Always Better. | February 25th, 2022

When it comes to a Tourniquet Holder – there is no such thing as having too few tourniquets and where you store them. When things go south, being prepared is what saves lives; having quick access to a TQ is vital. Below are some of the best pouches for storing your tourniquets. From stowing a TQ on both MOLLE platforms to belts and more - we have the solution here. We will start by talking about the Tourniquet NOW! Strap – the most popular holder. 

Tourniquet NOW! Strap Tourniquet Holder and other pouches

CAT Tourniquet held on a Plate Carrier by a Tourniquet NOW! Strap TQ Holder

A Classic CAT Tourniquet Holder for MOLLE Platforms

The Tourniquet NOW! Strap – Tourniquet Holder is the most popular and simple solution for stowing a TQ on Plate Carriers, Chest Rigs and even our Trauma Kit NOW!™ (as seen below). It easily slides into a place where three vertical MOLLE loops are available. The elastic loops make for a quick pull to access your CAT Tourniquet – while securely holding it in place (also works with a SOFT T).

Cummberbund style Tourniquet Held by MOLLE straps below pouch

Low-Profile TQ Holder for the MTKN™

This tourniquet holder is called the Shears Hammock; it was originally built for the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! The design is quite simple: it hangs like a hammock from the base of a three column MOLLE pouch. It uses elastic to hold your TQ and has a pocket made of the ULTRAcomp laminate to hold a set of shears in place.

Belt holding Tourniquet Pouch

Fully Protected TQ Holder for Duty Belts

This duty belt tourniquet holder works on any belt – this pouch has a quick release system in place (similar to Blue Force Gears Trauma Kit NOW! Series). When pulling the tab at the top outwards, the TQ quickly deploys for use. And if you like this style of pouch, it is also available for MOLLE platforms.

Tourniquet NOW! Strap Tourniquet Holder